Jovan Vavic has now captured Pac 12 Coach of the Century and is the Winningest Coach in the History of USC with his 15 National Titles. Jovan is also the Most Successful Men’s Water Polo Coach in the Nation with 9 National Titles. It’s his attention to detail and the basic fundamentals that has brought him so much success.

Jovan’s goal with the camp is to teach athletes the basic fundamentals and to quickly build on those fundamentals into the more challenging aspects of the game while at the same time enjoying the game of water polo. Explore the practice dynamics that offer a mix of skill work, drills, strength training, tactics, and strategies. Then, the athletes apply thier newfound knowledge and skills in scrimmages.

The Jovan Vavic Water Polo Camp accomplishes these goals by:

·        Breaking the players into Small Groups of 6-10 players and having coaches in the water with each group while we rotate them through a number of stations each day.

·         Athletes work not only with Jovan and his USC Coaching Staff, but also with current and former  USC National Championship players.

·        Athletes Spend about 5 hours per day  in the water along with Dry Land and Video Review providing them with a very diverse and far-reaching Water Polo Experience 

Come learn from the Best! 

Contact Information:  or (310) 750-6989